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SAW is back on the web!

SAW has started to update our website once again!

We are involved in new and exciting campaigns on and off campus. Check them out!

UNC-Ch Housekeeper dignity and rights are under attack once again. The University has imposed an inhumane “no sit-down” policy. We see it as another manifestation of the overall culture of managerial disrespect that the housekeepers are subject to every day. A culture made painfully clear in the DTH article about Assistant Director for Residence Halls Tonya Sells.

The City of Chapel Hill was recently awarded a “human rights city” designation, and already they have shown that we fall far short of the title. Sanitation workers Karry Bigelow and Clyde Clark were recently fired after they filed grievances about racist management and unsafe working conditions. They are active members of the local public sectors union UE 150. Student Action with Workers says no to retaliation and union busting activity!

As a student based organization, SAW is committed to identifying the ways that we as UNC-Ch students help maintain inhumane and imperialist-driven sweatshops around the world.  We demand that Chapel Hill student stores begin to sell Alta Gracia products, an apparel line that is union-made where workers are paid a living wage in sweatshop free conditions, so that students have the option to be responsible consumers.

Keep tuned in to hear updates on each of our campaigns!

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