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An Easy Way to Take Action in Support of the Sanitation 2

Call Chapel Hill mayor Mark Kleinschmidt within the next few days and demand that the town of Chapel Hill stop retaliation for grievances and union organizing and rehire the Sanitation 2!

919 968 2743

Every little bit helps.

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Solidarity with the Workers and Students in Wisconsin from SAW and UNC SDS

Students for a Democratic Society at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and UNC Student Action with Workers salute the heroic resitance of the workers and students of Wisconson to the anti-labor attacks of Gov. Walker. In this time of economic crisis, corporate servants such as Walker are doing all they can to make working people pay for this crisis. Across the country, education is being defunded and privatized, public workers are being laid off and having their wages frozen, and organized labor is under attack.

The right to join a union and collectively bargain with your employer is a right for all people, according to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights written in 1948. Yet Walker and others across the country are trying to rob the people of this right with underhanded, undemocratic legislative tricks. The mass demonstrations of thousands as well as the occupation of the capital building in Wisconson inspire us here in North Carolina.

Our state knows all too well how legislation like Walker’s hurts the working class. A bill that makes collective bargaining illegal for public workers, NC GS 95-98, has been on the books in North Carolina since the Jim Crow era. The outlawing of union rights for public workers, who are around the country more unionized than the private sector, weakens the entire labor movement in any state. As a result, North Carolina has one of the lowest levels of unionization in the country, as well as low wages and less rights for workers in all sectors.

Students for a Democratic Society and Student Action With Workers stand in solidarity with the workers of Wisconson! Workers rights are human rights!

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