Updates about SB 575

Student Action with Workers is part of the Coalition for Workplace Democracy, which is fighting a provision in Senate Bill 575 that would remove approximately 22,000 University workers from the State Personnel Act.  For all updates, please visit stopsb575.wordpress.com.

Take Action!

  1. Endorse the letter being sent to university chancellors system-wide.
  2. Organize a public letter delivery to your university’s chancellor.
  3. Submit a letter to the editor to any local newspaper. See a sample letter published in the Chapel Hill News,  the Daily Tar Heel and the News & Observer.
  4. Plan a Teach-In/Speak-Out on your campus about SB 575.
  5. Come to the next coalition meeting in Saunders 321 on Wednesday at 5pm. (UNC Chapel Hill)
  6. Register to receive calls to action: http://stopsb575.wordpress.com/stay-informed/
  7. Learn more.  Useful Documents:  UNC Employee Resolution on SB 575, UNC Staff Assembly statement, Administration’s Response
  8. Attend the Board of Governors meeting in Chapel Hill at the General Administration Center on Friday, April 13, at 9am where they will be discussing SB 575.
  9. Email Tom Ross (tomross@northcarolina.edu) asking him to stop pushing forward SB 575.

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